Artist Uses Wood Dowels to Create 2D Images

This California based artist creates an exceptional form of art using wood dowels. Mitt Bilfield is a television graphics animator and an artist. He started a new series of artworks that aims to give the viewers different vantage points. This means that the art will give different results to different viewers depending on their position. It gives them a fresh experience as well.

The process of creating this art is tasking. Bilfield uses pointillism, a traditional painting technique and it involves the use of wood dowels. The dowels are used to create a 2D image which comes in different designs and colors depending on the angle the viewer is looking at it from. Every 2-inch dowel is painted in one color and glued within the grid to make an image.

When the image is viewed straight on, it shows the image on the grid. When viewed from a different angle, it produces an optical illusion with colors.

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