Mama Bird’s Reaction to Tractors Crossing Her Eggs is So Touching

Motherhood cuts across different species. In most species, mothers are always ready to fight for their kids to survive.

Among the categories of animals that care for their young, is the bird. Birds show lots of care for their young ones and protect them in the face of threatening situations.

The video below shows a mother bird protecting her young ones in the face of a life-threatening situation. You could see in this short video clip, how the mother bird remained firm even when it looks like she’s not sure of what the situation will eventually turn out to be. Eventually, both she and her young were unhurt at the end of the scene.

The video, which has attracted several responses on Instagram, was seen from a different perspective by viewers. Some viewers have reacted in favor of the bird, as to why she and her young were made to go through such trauma. Another viewer has risen in support of the farmers to say “they were farming!!! They didn’t say “hey let’s go get the tractor and mess with this bird and her eggs”

This shows a mother’s love.