Marina Paredes’ Miniature Houses are Pure Delight

A fan of miniature art? You’ll definitely adore Marina Paredes’ miniature houses. Crafted carefully out of wood and painted in soft pastel colors, her houses remind us of a simpler time, of the joys of being a child, fully immersed in your miniature toys and their invented worlds.

Paredes herself is a longtime fan of miniature art, and recalls having a whole shelf dedicated entirely to miniatures when she was just a small child. “My favorites were the Polly Pockets,” she relayed in an interview with The Daily Mini.

In no time at all, she would dip her toes in the art of miniature making. “The first miniature I made was when I was around 10 years old,” she recalled. “I made it with toothpicks and it was a little house with small furniture. I remember that in order to open and close the door, I used a piece of cloth. I still keep it with much affection.”

Now a professional model maker and miniature creator, her wooden houses are the stuff of dreams. Her work incorporates various types of wood, including softwood like balsa or hardwood like linden, to which she then adds detail in clay. The finished product is painted using acrylic paint.

“For me, the most difficult thing is to make very small objects without losing too many details,” she admits. Take a look at some of her imaginative (and undeniably adorable) work in the gallery below.