Meet Sommer, the Instafamous Fennec Fox

Ever seen a Fennec fox? Meet Sommer. The large-eared fox lives in Bangkok with his owner.

The fennec fox is a small type of fox classified under the genus Vulpes. This fox can be found in the Sinai Peninsula, Sahara of North Africa, and the Arabian Desert and also in the southwestern region of Israel in Arava desert.

Fennec foxes have a feature that makes them very distinct from others, their ears. Their ears are really large and as a matter of fact, they have the largest ears relative to the body size among other foxes. With these large ears, they have the ability to hear preys moving underground.

Do they make great pets?

Fennec foxes used as pets are usually taken from their mother while in their natural environment for the purpose of hand-raising.

Sommer has 10.7k followers on Instagram.. See some of his best pictures below.

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