Mike Willcox Creates Dream-Like Artworks

Artist Mike Willcox creates mystical and surreal art that reminds us of the art deco style a lot. Willcox is inspired by “existing, healing, growing, love, romance, wind, storms, history, plants, life—all kinds of things,” as he told It’s Nice That.

From that, he built a rich portfolio of illustrations, graphic novels, tapestries, and even tarot decks—all things that can carry symbolic meaning.

He’s not always sure how the painting will come up until he finishes it: “I’ll have a vague idea of color and a small piece of a figure I can’t quite make out stuck in my head, and I’ll have to make it,” he says.

There’s something about certain artists that gives them the confidence to just barrel into a production and not necessarily knowing what’s going to happen, and yet having the confidence that it’s going to turn out well.

Such is certainly the case with Willcox and his work. Sometimes, the inspiration comes to him in dreams or during meditation sessions.

If you want to see more art by this interesting artist, follow him on Instagram, where he has around 230,000 followers already.