PizzaCake Comics Are All About Finding Laughs in Everyday Life

Life constantly plays jokes on us and serves us with big portions of humor. It is usually up to us whether we’ll laugh at those moments or take them personally and feel bad about it.

Artist Ellen Woodbury took the route of embracing the comedy aspect of everyday life and it inspired her to create PizzaCake Comics. In these comics, you will encounter all sorts of relatable situations that you probably experienced before but maybe didn’t view as funny, including family affairs, career fails, awkward social encounters, life with pets, and much more.

According to Woodbury, the goal of her comics is to entertain people, make them smile, and help them view things in a more positive light.

“These are stories about learning to laugh at yourself, laughing at tough times, and laughing at everything actually,” Woodbury describes PizzaCake Comics on her official website.

Woodbury started publishing PizzaCake Comics in 2021. Since then, her sense of humor and visually pleasing drawing style captured the attention of internet users from around the world. Her comics amassed a significant following on social media, boosting 37K followers on Instagram alone.

Scroll below to check out some of our favorite entries in the PizzaCake Comics.