Min Heo’s Illustrations Will Brighten Your Day

Illustrator Min Heo is based in San Francisco Bay Area where she draws her colorful characters that will make your day better.

Min Heo says she always needed something to be either written down or drawn in order to learn. This made becoming an illustrator a logical choice for her. She studied at ArtCenter College of Design and her major was in illustration.

“I had no idea what illustrators did exactly,” she told It’s Nice That. “Lots of picture books maybe?” She considered switching to graphic design simply because it had better employment opportunities, but she finally decided to listen to her heart and has been working as a freelance illustrator since she graduated in 2013.

Heo’s Instagram account @minstudio_ is close to having 20,000 followers which is a really big deal. Scroll down to see some of her illustrations and follow her for more. Her style reminds us of vintage 1920s fashion and that’s because she uses historical references that elevate her seemingly simple designs. Enjoy her work!