Mom Teaches Daughter a Lesson About Leaving Dirty Socks—And It Goes Viral

Dirty laundry can be found everywhere, and mother Xep Campbell knows that all too well. She found her 10-year-old daughter’s dirty sock tossed on the bathroom floor, and instead of picking it up, she left it to see how long it would take her princess to put it into the laundry basket.

After one week, the sock was still there. That’s when Cambell decided to have some fun. She made a miniature label making the sock a piece of artwork done by her daughter herself. But she didn’t expect such a creative “answer” from her kid. And that’s how their little game started.

“My daughter and I have a wonderful, communicative relationship,” the mom wrote on her Facebook profile. “We are very silly together and understand the importance of being ridiculous and absurd. I honestly did not expect this post to go viral—it was just another silly thing we did.”

The hilarious post soon went viral, where it has reached over 55,000 reactions and 136,000 shares. Moved by people’s reactions, Campbell asked her followers to donate to an organization called Jumping Mouse Children’s Centre that does play-based therapy with children who have gone through some kind of trauma.