Mom Turns Her Daughter’s Meals Into Creative Art Works!

Image via leesamantha/Instagram

If your child is a picky eater, you must’ve thought about numerous strategies for how to put the food in its mouth. But, Malaysian mother Lee Samantha is an example of how an artistic approach can make everything more fun and effective.

Samantha decided to use her artistic talent to turn her daughter’s meals into the delicious works of art. She sketches designs before making each food artwork. Samantha uses her imagination to connect with her daughter, but in of the most practical ways ever.

She both succeeded to introduce her daughter to various new foods, but as well Samantha succeeded to introduce her daughter to art.

Lee Samantha really shows us that it can be really funny to dedicate yourself to some new and unexplored ways of doing everyday things. Sometimes, we can really get stuck in a traditional way of doing things just because we are taught by others to do so or because we don’t want to waste our time on something that is still not affirmed as a valid way to do something.

Samantha also shows what it means to love something that you do. If we have in mind that every Samantha’s artwork ends up in a stomach, it is clear that Samantha does it because of love for her daughter and also because of her artistic urge to create.