Mother of Triplets Candidly Shows Her Postpartum Body

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Maria Nordø Jørstad, a mother of triplets, is being candid and real about her postpartum body and her followers love her honesty.

The Denmark-based mom started sharing photos of her pregnancy last year and her posts went viral as people were amazed especially with the unusual shape of her stomach. Her belly began to adopt its form around week 22 and despite having three babies inside her, the rest of her body remained physically unchanged. She had a hard time lifting things and couldn’t pick up her 2-year-old son.

“It started off with me wanting to document our journey for my family and friends, especially since I live in another country but also because triplets are such a rare thing, I thought people would find it interesting,” Jørstad told the media. “So I wanted it to be kind of a mini blog where I wrote about both the ups and the downs.”

Last September, she and her husband Anders welcomed two girls and a boy to the world, namely Iben, Agnes, and Filip.

“Today we welcomed our beautiful babies to the world. Everything went really well, and we are so happy and relieved,” she wrote. But a week after giving birth, the young mom shared her dilemma about her postpartum body. “I now have a really weird looking hanging belly, which is still quite heavy. My uterus has not [shrunk] back yet. Because my belly was so stretched it takes longer than usual. I’m gonna get a belly band/support binder asap, because it’s quite annoying and the sagging makes my c-section scar hurts. I’m really impatient to get my body back!”

People from all over the world admire her openness about the struggles and the effects on her body after giving birth. But despite all the hardships, the family is very grateful for all the blessings they received.

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