Dad Recreates Son’s Drawings In Human Counterparts

Image via thingsihavedrawn/Instagram

Dom is a seven-year-old boy who loves to draw. He draws random things like creepy wild animals, cars and bikes that could give anyone a nightmare. Still, some of his work can help lift a person out of a bad mood. His techie father decided to create an Instagram account to show off his boy’s work.

This proud father doesn’t just stop at posting the drawings. He uses computer graphics and then recreates the drawing on real objects. This way, he adds more humor and it is less crude. He adds pictures they take daily and manipulates them with drawings his son made.

The drawings are both funny and weird and when recreated, they are funny to watch. Sometimes, multiple images are manipulated with one drawing and the results are amazing. Scroll below to find some of Dom’s master art. They are so adorable and may push you to consider a career change.