One Dad Built a Huge Troll on the Driveway as a Halloween Installation

Most people just put some spooky decorations around their house on Halloween and call it a day. But one dad uses this holiday to showcase his creativity and create stunning Halloween installations on his driveway. 

TikToker Parker Saltsman recently shared a video on social media that showed her dad building a huge troll, a mythical creature from Norse mythology, on the driveway for Halloween. The dad not only created a highly realistic sculpture but also fitted it with scary sounds and movable fingers. The troll’s mouth can also be opened to enter its scary inside.


In the dark recesses of Norway’s forests, mythical trolls lurk. Large, humanoid beings with grotesque, rugged features: forest trolls are part of the spirit and folklore of the wilderness. If touched by the first rays of sunlight, their rugged features turn to stone. The forest troll is a testament to the enduring connection between folklore and the untamed realms of nature. #halloween #spooky #Splice

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This unique Halloween installation quickly went viral on social media, being viewed more than 20.5 million times. The clip also got close to 30K comments, with internet users sharing their praise for the dad’s creation.

“Omg he needs to be a part of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights,” one TikToker wrote.

“This stuff should go in a museum,” another added.

Saltsman’s TikTok profile also features clips with other Halloween installations that her dad crafted, with each one being more impressive than the previous one. This includes King Kong, a scary sculpture of a walking man, Ancient Egyptian queen cobra-goddess Meretseger, a dragon, a ghost ship, and a spaceship.


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