Baby Amazes the Internet With Her Reaction to Receiving a Scary Doll as a Gift

Parents usually don’t want their kids near scary-looking toys, thinking that they might frighten them and cause them nightmares. But it turns out that some kids actually find these types of toys adorable. 

TikToker Brittany Christiana recently shared a clip on social media that shows how her baby daughter Violet reacted to receiving a scary doll as a gift. To make things even more interesting, it was her older daughter Lilly who recommended it.

The video starts with Lilly holding a green demonic baby doll and asking her mother whether they can buy it for “baby Violet” with an excited look on her face. After Christiana agrees, they introduce the doll to Violet, who immediately falls in love with it. 

Not only did Violet immediately embrace the scary doll, but the baby girl also didn’t want to let it go when it was time for her to go to sleep. 


Lily is so thoughtful 😂😂

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The video got more than 35 million views while getting 25K comments from TikTokers who were amazed by Violet’s reaction.

“It’s like they are too full of love to see anything scary,” one user wrote. “The way she got progressively more excited the closer you brought it to her,” another added.