This Page Makes Detailed Animal Reviews And it’s So Hilarious

Photo by Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash

There’s a Twitter page called WelcomeToMyMemePage (@WTMMP), doing detailed reviews for animals and they are so fun to read.

“I’ve been trying out different sorts of comedy writing formats for a while,” Charlie, creator of the page, told Bored Panda. “Ideas come out of nowhere. One day I thought a review of Snakes would be funny and it got very popular and I realized I could probably do a lot more of these without it getting too old.”

Because of its popularity, a book is now on the way. “A book of these reviews is in the works as well as a storybook and a mixed media variety book,” he shared. “I am a full-time writer – people seem to enjoy my stuff and I somehow am able to attract an audience online, so it seemed foolish not to try and see where I can take that.”

He continued, “My stuff helped me land me a job as a script intern on Conan for my last semester of college, and something about my experience working there and getting to talk to professional writers and comedians told me that I ought to try this for real. Books and games are in the works!”

Charlie’s first batch of animal reviews proved to be making people laugh. From turtles to snakes to birds, his evaluation features hilarious pros and cons of each species, bringing smile to everyone. Enjoy reading below.