Part Dancer-Part Illustrator and 100% Creative: Follow Sarah Hartman

Sarah Hartman’s Instagram page is a testament to her endless creativity. Whether it’s ballet dancing, illustrating or even decorating her room, Hartman is sure to put her innovative stamp on it. Based in San Francisco, she works at a nonprofit by day, teaches fitness at night, and makes art in the in-betweens.

Trained as a ballet dancer, her interest in the way the human body moves is apparent throughout her illustrations, which tend to center around women and dancers. “Being a dancer gives you a kind of fluency in another language, in what parts of the body you emphasize, how they look, ways that they move,” she explained in an interview with CreativeFluff Magazine.

As such, she tends to incorporate hyperextended legs and arched feet in full-body positions. “Being surrounded by that for so many years really shaped my view of bodies and proportions,” she admits. “Probably in a very unnatural way!”

Her artistic style very much fluid, she’s inspired by anything from graphic novels to classical portraiture.“I really love a lot of engraving-style work, the old detailed plates, and I’ve gone back to that influence lately,” she says, adding that she “definitely went through a lot of phases,” when it comes to her illustrations.

We’re excited to see where she’s headed.