People Unite To Create A “Future Forest” Made From 3 Tons of Plastic Waste

Image via thomasdambo/Instagram

Thomas Dambo is an artist who specializes in making art from recycled materials. He is well known around the world for his huge recycled sculptures and installations.

Recently, he initiated a project called “Future Forest,” where trash was transformed into a beautiful work of art. With the help of the heroes called Pepenadores in Mexico City, their children, more than 700 students, an orphanage, elderly home, and other volunteers, they turned 3 tons of plastic waste into a 500m2 colorful plastic forest filled with thousands of flowers, animals, and trees. The project is installed inside “Jardín Botánico de Chapultepec park as a part of this year’s Festival FYJA,” Thomas wrote on Instagram.

The project took 8 weeks to complete, from collecting trash to building the forest. And now, it’s on display for the next months.  The local organization FYJA, who helped Thomas’ achieve this dream, will continue to keep the forest growing by running workshops where new kids can come and build new flowers, trees, and many more.

Just arrived in Mexico city. The next 4 weeks Im creating a 500m2 recycled plastic forrest. Its a completly ape shit crazy project – and i need more voulenteers to help making flowers and animals. So please tag any one you know in CDMX 👃 Future Forrest as i call it, is installed inside Jardín Botánico de Chapultepec park as a part of this years Festival FYJA. The last 4 weeeks around 900 school children, factories and different other people have been collecting plastic trash, around 1000 children a d students will turn this plastic, into small flowers, while me and a massive teame will build big trees, flowers, cactus, mushrooms, different animals, plants + freakin mountain, with a wather fall that runs into the lake, under the bridge where the plaatic fish swim … but to realize this maddnes. I NEED MORE VOULENTEERS, so please come and play ore tell others to about the project. And help me on my mission – to show the world how wonderfull traah can be, if you treat it like treasure. Ps. The photo is from a previous project. Im hoping to make something 100x bigger in volume here in CDMX. 😁

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