Plan Your Next Vacation with Luxury Guru Carmen Edelson

When it comes to international traveling, 2020 hit us hard. The coronavirus outbreak has paralyzed the tourism industry, devastating economies that are largely dependent on tourism. The EU tourism industry alone is estimated to be losing around €1 billion in revenue per month as a result of the outbreak. But with 2020 almost over, there’s a lot to look forward to.

We don’t know about you, but when the skies clear we’re booking our vacation. No holding us back, our next vacation is a luxurious one. Carmen Edelson might as well be our guide. The mastermind behind online platform/brand, Carmen’s Luxury Travel, Edelson is always on the lookout for the finer things in life.

Recent blog posts include a Recipe for the Perfect Summer Road Trip and a post dedicated to Glamping in Montana, with recommendations on anything from exclusive beach hotels and small luxury hotels to weekend spa escapes and cruises.

“The best piece of travel advice I’ve ever been given relates to packing!” she noted in an interview with Travel Awaits. “My friend once told me to pack everything I absolutely want to bring on a trip…and then take half of it out! Also keep in mind that if you’re packing something you never wear at home, chances are you won’t wear it on your trip.”

We’re already taking notes from the master herself.