This Right Here is One Stylish Pupster

Remix the Dog is an embodiment of the expression “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” The Miniature Schnauzer has earned a spot in the fashion world thanks to his flawless style. His wardrobe includes horn-rimmed glasses, Hawaiian shirts, and colorful bandanas. In other words: he makes for the perfect companion for a summer vacation.

“His collection of Hawaiian shirts work well in the Miami weather,” remarked his owner Chris Ha in an interview with Django. “He is sort of known for sporting sunglasses. When I put them on his head, he freezes in place, which is actually perfect for taking photos.”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Remix’s fashion career has taken him around the world, from California to Puerto Rico. And with a following of nearly 146,000 on Instagram and features in top-tier fashion publications like ELLE, Glamour, and Mr. Porter, this stylish puppy is making a splash both online and offline.

“When I first started Remix’s account, I spent a lot more time on it,” says Ha. “Now, I spend 3 to 4 hours a week on it. I shoot a lot of content ahead of time. Whenever I am, I take photos or videos in a few different ways. Then I post it as I go, so I do not have to focus on it constantly.”

One of Remix’s best features: his carefully trimmed beard. His fluff has also earned him the nickname “Stylish Bearded Pupster”. Other nicknames include “Grumpy Pup”.

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