Pom Pom Chewy is Living His Best, Trendiest, Life

Legend has it that somewhere out there exists a Pomeranian without an Instagram account. Pom Pom Chewy (or Chewy for short) isn’t such pooch. But judging by his online persona and stylish outfits, he deserves all the likes he can get. The cream and white Pomeranian has a busy lifestyle, working as an actor and model, with features that include independent films like Humor Me.

With more than 50k followers on Instagram, he’s clearly a fan favorite. His social media pages include shots of him dressed in stylish outfits, forever fluffy, and always striking a pose. His favorite pastimes are dressing up and making appearances across North-America. “He’s very aware and also curious,” said his owner in an interview with Hello Bark. “He can tell how the people around him are feeling and will act accordingly. He loves playing fetch and find the toy.”

But it took Chewy some time to make it as an Instagram pooch. A rescue from Northern Ontario, he was born sick and skittish, and his owners were afraid he wasn’t going to make it. He was also very scared of people and often hid under the couch. Luckily, with proper care and lots of love he’s now a happy dog. He also enjoys bonding with children and accompanies his mother – a teacher – to her workplace.

Good boy Pom Pom Chewy!