Rain-activated Art Becomes Trendiest New Form of Art

In 2013, artist Peregrine Church got the idea to create art that only appears on rainy days when he learned about superhydrophobic coating – a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water.

A chemical manufacturer in Belgium offered their expertise when they saw that Church’s early tests have failed. Together they worked on developing a new superhydrophobic coating intended for making ‘rainworks’, which would be invisible on dry concrete.

In May 2014, Church used the sample to create his first real ‘rainwork’. With the help from his friend Xack Fischer, he began decorating the streets of Seattle with rainy-day art. They decided to turn this incredible art into business, spreading rainworks to the world. Their goal is to make people happy even during rainy days.

Today, almost every day, people from all over the world are sharing photos of their rain-activated art with the official hashtag: #rainworks.

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