Mom Illustrates the Fun Moments She Has with Her Two Young Boys

Kids can be so much fun, especially when they are young. Illustrator Bonnie Kimmerly knows this very well and wants to remember every fun moment she has with her two boys while they are still kids. She thought the best way to do it was to draws comics of fun situations that happen to them. Additionally, she shares them on Instagram for other parents to enjoy.

“If you check my post history, you will see that I posted some parenting comics when I had my first boy. I posted another round of comics when I got back into the groove with my second boy, and now, this is a batch of cartoons that I’ve created while experimenting with digital,” Kimmerly explains.

She continues, “hope you enjoy – I draw these little cartoons and comics on my living room floor while the boys are napping or while simultaneously entertaining the youngest baby because well, #momlife.”