Ronit Baranga’s Sculptures Are Eating Themselves

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga is the author of All Things Sweet and Painful, a surreal series of sculptures in which the dessert and tea sets come to life and eat each other. Baranga anthropomorphizes the objects by giving them mouths and fingers. His work aims to symbolize the difficulties humans have with overindulgence.

The sculptures are detailed and realistic, but the added elements give them a surreal note. They are meant to make the person seeing them a little uncomfortable.

“Ronit Baranga is a contemporary Israeli artist who lives and works in Israel,” his website reads. “As a sculptor and installation artist, she creates figurative art on the border between living and still life, dealing with emotional states and relationships.”

Her work has been shown in numerous galleries and museums all over the world, including Banksy’s group exhibition Dismaland. The artist holds a degree in Psychology and Literature fro Haifa University. She’s also studied Art History in Tel-Aviv University and Fine Arts in Beit Berl College.

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