Sarah Lippett Translates Stories Into Illustrations

Sarah Lippett treats illustrating as a form of communication. “A successful piece of illustration works because it communicates,” she stressed in an interview with Design Inspiration. “You may have the fanciest style going but if it doesn’t communicate the point the illustrator has failed.”

With two graphic novels behind her and collaborations with publications like the New York Times, the Guardian, and Time Out, Lippett clearly knows what she’s talking about. Her illustrations communicate stories of unheard communities – the underdogs of our society, and those people we’re unlikely to come across with in our day to day. As it turns out, these stories are well worth hearing.

“Drawing is my way of getting it all out of my head and out into the world,” Lippett says, explaining that inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. “Just overhearing a comment can get the creative juices going!”

But, being a musician, she’s also greatly inspired by music. “Music is very inspiring to me,” she says. “I listen to a lot of music and radio when I am working on projects/commissions so its a massive part of my life.”

Here are some highlights from her Instagram page: