Seven Memes We Can All Relate to

Memes are the perfect blend of humor and reality. These memes are totally relatable.

  1. I’m not sleepy

Sometimes, you may want to chat all night. The willingness may be there, but within a short time, nature will start to take its course, and this is the result.

  1. Five more seconds

Waiting to pick someone up can be exhilarating especially if you are tired already.

  1. Relationship issues

Sometimes, couples get worried unnecessarily.

  1. Not getting enough sleep

Despite looking terrible, we never want to admit that we are not getting enough sleep.

  1. Listening to music

While using earphones, we tend to keep calm in public. At home, it is a different scenario.

  1. I love my ringtone

This happens to everyone. You keep singing along to your ringtone until it stops ringing so you can use the phone again.

  1. Lip gloss

The famous lip-gloss. It sticks to whatever passes by.

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