Singer Mimics Game of Thrones Characters in Hilarious Video

Fans of epic series Game of Thrones can’t wait until the show starts on April 14. Until then, they have to make do with funny skits that remind them of the characters of the show.

This France based singer has a rare talent. Known as MB14, he can mimic any character he wants to. In the video below, he mimicked several Game of Thrones characters perfectly.

Since he posted the video, many popular handles have shared it and it is trending among lovers of the epic show.

The accuracy of the act is probably what makes it so enjoyable. Several social media users say they watched it more than once because it was too funny and apt.

He gets the voice and even the facial gestures. The famous character Cersei was one of our favorites. Which was yours?

Which Game of Thrones character can you mimic perfectly? Watch the video below and you’ll surely have a good laugh.