Pip and Pop’s Installations Are a World of Sugary Goodness

With winter quickly turning into summer, we could all use a bit of color. And if there’s some glitter thrown in the mix it’s all for the better. Welcome to the fun inducing world of Pip & Pop.

Australian artist Tanya Schultz, known as Pip & Pop, makes eye-popping installations from an eclectic range of materials including sugar, glitter, candy, plastic flowers, and other knick-knacks she finds on her travels.

Pip & Pop actually began as a collaboration with fellow artist Nicole Andrijevic in 2007. But after four years, Andrijevic left the partnership to pursue a different career. Schultz now works with other friends and artists creating projects in many parts of the world.

Her work includes installation, painting, and sculptures, that are altogether bright and joyous. She has exhibited her work in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Germany, among other places.

We wouldn’t mind stepping into one of her creations, but we fear we might get lost in all its shimmery goodness.