Society’s Problems Fitted In Simple But Effective Illustrations

Steffen Kraft is the name behind an artistic pseudonym Iconeo. This guy refers to himself an “artivist” which refers to him being an activist on some currently burning topics through his art. With a history of working in advertising, today he is a socially engaged artist making social commentary pictures that illustrate the irony and hypocrisy of our world.

Kraft says he draws inspiration from both small and large things. It could be simple things, like his drawing pencil or a cup of coffee, and he uses them as icons on his works. Things we’re all familiar with, so he uses them to send a message. Sometimes he draws his inspiration from bigger things like climate change or social behavior.  

His images often emphasize the fact that our planet doesn’t have much time left or how irrational are social inequalities. Kraft thinks that in modern times, people lose the ability to self-reflect because they are overwhelmed with images and information. That’s why he produces images that are easy to comprehend, but they surprise the viewers with simple ideas which should make them think and question things.  

Here are some of his works we found the most engaging: