Stephanie Davidson’s Illustrations Are Highly Relatable

Like many artists, Stephanie Davidson took to art at an early age.
“I have always been a maker and a drawer so it was an easy decision to seek out an art school when I was given the option,” said the illustrator in an interview with Les Femmes Folles.

“I have a strong memory of my mother’s sister asking me when I was 5 or 6, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I told her, ‘An artist.’ She snorted and said (to my mother), ‘Ah! A career that makes no money.’ Money or no, I’m an artist. Bite me, Aunt Grace.”

Born in Hong Kong, grown in Tokyo/Honolulu and now living in Brooklyn, NYC, Davidson is currently working as a designer at Cash App. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural background, her illustrations are witty as they are relatable.

“She has a large cat and loves all the things that go bump in the night,” says her short bio on her website. But feminism also has a role in her creative work, saying that “feminism definitely plays a strong role in my work and everything I do. While I’m not creating ‘political art’ per se, the fact that I myself am a mixed race female illustrator informs much of my work.”

Check out some of her creations in the gallery below.
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