Susete Saraiva’s Spooky Miniatures Are Worth the Hype

With Halloween right around the corner, we couldn’t have bumped into Susete Saraiva’s miniatures at a better time. With a passion for anything spooky (think Beetlejuice meets David Lynch), Saraiva’s tiny artworks include horror houses, Tim Burtonish accessories, and the likes.

Some of her most remarkable pieces include recreations of horror movie settings. “I love the idea of taking some of my favorite homes and bringing them to life in miniature form to display,” she told The Daily Mini. “They are also my most challenging pieces, which in the end gives me the most satisfaction when finally complete.”

While she was always drawn to horror movies, her obsession with miniatures kicked off much later, beginning as a hobby. “I’ve been collecting 7″ figures for years, and with that I began doing toy photography for fun,” she explained. “That hobby slowly led me to the idea of creating miniature props and scale backgrounds/dioramas for more realistic photos. From that point on, I found that my love for miniatures was growing daily and this inspired me to take my ideas down a few scales.”

“My love with horror definitely began around the age of 5, when I snuck into the living room while The Exorcist was on TV,” she recalled. “My fascination overpowered the fear I felt at the time which slowly turned into an obsession: the thrill of being frightened.”

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