Talented Artist Creates Masterpieces from Burnt wood, Using a Razor

Image via AlexPeter_Idoko/Twitter

Hyperrealism, as an art, is complicated because of the level of skill required for this art. Previously, we have seen a few hyperrealism artists who create lifelike portraits. But this artist is completely different, and his talent will blow your mind.

Alex Peter Idoko is a hyperrealistic pyrography artist. He uses a razor blade and draws on burnt wood. Idoko is from Nigeria and studied accounting but chose to follow his passion for art. He recently shared one of his hyperrealistic art and went viral on Twitter. Several users of the social media platform were amazed by his raw talent.

He started to draw when he was just three years old. And when he became an adult, he honed his skills and has now mastered the process. His drawings are so real that they could be mistaken for pictures taken by a camera.

See some of his best work in the gallery below.