Talented Paper Artist Creates Remarkable Miniature Objects

Ji Hee Lee is a Seoul, South Korea based paper artist and graphic designer who creates perfectly folded and glued miniature models inspired by everyday objects and things that surrounds her. From sushi rolls, mushrooms, tomatoes, to household furnishing and brightly colored vehicles, her work is definitely worth checking out.

“I am striving to become a designer who is capable of working on various themes and, above all, making use of a wide range of materials,” the artist shared on Behance.

Lee shares her astonishing work on her Instagram account where she has attracted more than two thousand followers. She first got noticed two years ago, back in 2017 when she created a series of vintage cameras.

To see her work, hop onto her website, Behance or Instagram account where you can enjoy her creations. You will definitely be surprised by her talent. Which one of her paper models is your favorite?