Man Carves Amazing Pop-Up Castles out of Tree Trunks

We have introduced you to many talented woodcarvers so far, but the things that Italian-born artist Uli Kirchler does are really something else. Kirchler uses tree trunks to create amazing pop-up castles, which can be ascended or descended in just one move.

After spending more than a decade traveling and performing as a “one-man band,” Kirchler settled down in Portland where he discovered his passion for woodcarving. He first started making vases and other wood art before coming up with his signature “pop-up castles” pieces.

When you first take a look at Kirchler’s creations, it appears they are just polished pieces of wood. But their real beauty hides inside. Each piece contains one or several castles that can ascend from the wood and create impressive scenery.

Check out some of his works below.

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