Tasty Cakes Decorated with Edible Succulents

Image via _leslie_vigil_/ Instagram

Pastry chef Leslie Vigil is focused on changing your perception of succulents. She uses buttercream edible succulents like cactus, aloe, Barbary fig as decorations for her tasty cakes.

Vigil came with this idea two years ago but had a hard time to incorporate it due to the difficulty of obtaining the tools for creating such shapes. She decided to make some herself and soon began creating edible works of art.

“I’ve always found myself at home in a botanical garden or wrists deep in soil,” – said Vigil in a recent interview. “Being in nature has always brought me tremendous joy and inspiration. So, I was inspired to begin challenging myself to create flowers, succulents, and cacti that truly honored and represented botanicals in nature as I knew them.”

Check out some of her works below.