“The Queen’s Gambit” is the Latest Netflix Show Trending on Twitter

Anya Taylor-Joy in "The Queen's Gambit"

From Tiger King to Emily in Paris, Netflix has given us several shows that inspired countless theories, think pieces, and viral tweets. Period drama The Queen’s Gambit is the next one in line, and Twitter users are having some thoughts about its plot and characters.

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch this mini-series just yet, you should know it focuses on an orphan chess prodigy, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, as she tries to rise through the ranks and become the best chess player in the world. Since its release on October 23rd, The Queen’s Gambit was met with critical acclaim and managed to do something that period dramas rarely do—go viral.

With only seven episodes at our disposal, The Queen’s Gambit is the kind of show you can watch in a single weekend. That’s what many Netflix users did over the course of the past two weeks, and they immediately started obsessing about the show on Twitter because they were craving more.

In addition to discussing characters and the plot, many of the viral tweets have the same theme—chess. Twitter users are making hilarious jokes about their lack of understanding of this strategy game, but The Queen’s Gambit is definitely putting chess back on the map.