The Quirky, Wonderful Collage Art of Peter Clark

We admit to being suckers for collage art, and if it happens to incorporate quirky animals, we’re all the more pleased. For 20 years, Peter Clark has been experimenting with assembling and reassembling paper, creating delightful images of animals that have a humoristic edge to them.

“I try to inflict what amuses me onto my work,” explained Clark in an interview with Zoneone Arts. “I prefer the pieces to have different levels, and allow shadows to play within them,” he says. “Less boring and predictable that way, I don’t like things to be too worked out, I am not interested in that type of thinking.”

His papers include vintage collections, which he uses as a sort of palette with which he “paints” his collages with. The pieces of paper are chosen for their colors, patterns, and textures, made by their printed, written or worn surfaces. He also clever ways to include old maps in his designs, using their linear qualities to “draw” the image he wants. “They are so versatile, can be very specific or used in an abstract way,” says Clark. “I love them, they enable one to instantly play and change scale!”

Each collage is made of the assembled pieces of paper which are ranged in order to achieve colors or scales. Clark then tears, cuts, and folds the paper, gluing it down when the composition feels right. “If it works… great, If not start again making changes till I’m ok with it,” he says.

You can follow his work online via Instagram.