“The Soul Travel” Blog Puts an Emphasis on Conscience Traveling

One industry that’s been hit hard this past year is the tourist industry. But as we look forward to life after COVID, we can no longer afford to be complacent. Traveling and tourism after this pandemic will be different, and hopefully, we take action towards a greener and more sustainable future.

British-Indian couple Ellie and Ravi want you “travel with conscience”. The power couple behind the Soul Travel Blog, the two plan their traveling adventures with special attention to their social and environmental impacts.

Through their website and Instagram page, they share stories of mindful travel, helping conscious travelers find the most inspiring options for their next sustainable trip—to India or around the world.

According to the couple, the travel experiences and companies they write about work towards creating more positive-impact, sustainable, and responsible tourism.

“We believe that travel is one of the best tools for personal expansion and consciousness that we have, but at the same time we know that we need to care about the impact of our travel,” they explain on their website.

From eco-lodges doing their best to be self-sufficient, to community projects that seek to address gender inequalities in remote parts of the world—their recommendations are thoughtful and work towards a meaningful solution to over-tourism. Their website also includes guides and articles that explore the best eco-friendly and responsible travel options, and highlight experiences that help create a positive difference.

Something to look forward to, as we plan our next vacation.