Allen Shaw Brings Colorful Leaves to Life

Why do you like fall? Because of the chilly weather, pumpkin spice lattes, or apple pie? Love it or hate it, it is a beautiful season that inspires many great artists, like this Indian artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Allen Shaw introduces himself as an illustrator and storyteller who has been creating art using colorful fallen leaves.

“Every year, I do a series of illustrations in autumn. Therefore, inspired by the current season this year, I decided to collect leaves, photograph them, and then add watercolor illustrations to express my love for it,” the former animation filmmaker shared on Bored Panda and explained how his artwork is done.

“My medium is essentially watercolors, but for this series, I used photography as the base. After clicking the images, I studied the character of the compositions and then started doing the figures that fit the context of the photos.”

You can enjoy Shaw’s work by checking him on Instagram, where he has attracted almost 8,000 thousand admirers. Besides his leaf-inspired pictures, he depicts other images, as well.