The Whimsical Illustrations of Twin Sisters Anna and Elena Balbusso

Twin sisters Anna and Elena Balbusso are a force to be reckoned with. Living proof that creativity runs in your genes, the two are renowned illustrators, known for their imaginative work that has adorned more than 40 books. These books include both children’s stories as well as classic novels and contemporary authors —anything from Shakespeare and Pushkin to Margaret Atwood.

Their work has also been featured in top tier publications, including The New Yorker magazineThe New York Times Sunday, and Le Monde. “Every project is different,” admitted the sisters in an interview with CreativeFluff Magazine.

“We work together on all projects, even when we divide the tasks,” they went on to explain. “There are many phases of a project that they can be easily divided between us, overall we decide together which is the best way to work and we agree on the final result.”

Known online as Anna + Elena = Balbusso Twins, their work requires time and patience, with their artistic style developing gradually. “It is not difficult for us to work together because it is a natural thing as drinking a glass of water!” said the two. “There is no competition between us. It would not be possible to work together if one dominates the other.”

Their Instagram page is well worth following.