These Lamps Will Transform Your Home Into an Enchanted Landscape

There are lamps, and then there are Przemek Krawczyński lamps. Made of dried gourd—a tropical fruit he sources from Senegal, Guinea, and Mali—his lamps don’t just provide light; rather, they serve as unique sculptures that come alive when the light seeps through them.

As the light passes through the intricately carved wood, Krawczyński’s one-of-a-kind pieces create unique patterns of light and shadow, transforming an ordinary interior into a warm, enchanted landscape.

Born in Poland, Krawczyński has his mom to thank for introducing him to the tropical fruit which serves the basis of his work. “In 2009 thanks to my mom, for the first time in my life, I accidentally came across the gourd fruit,” he writes on his website. “As soon as I made my first gourd lamp for myself, I knew that I wanted to make another one.”

But creating his handcrafted lamps requires much effort and time. Making one lamp usually takes between 3-5 months of work, adding up to about 2-3 lamps per year. “For me, the quality, the perfection of the finished lamp, self-fulfillment, and satisfaction from my work are most crucial – they are more important than the number of lamps I can create,” says Krawczyński. “That is why I never repeat their patterns; each of my handmade lamps is matchless, extraordinary and will not be imitated in the future.”