These Beautiful Portraits Using Are Made of Vivid Brushstrokes

Moldovan Olga Rykova was born into an artistic family, and her talent started showing from an early age; she was only 5-years-old when she took up some crayons and started doodling. Now she is a recognized artist best known for her portraits depicted with vibrant colors and vivid brushstrokes.

When arriving in Canada with her two young children and no grasp of the language, Rykova took up numerous jobs but never stopped working on her art. Her talent got recognized by local papers and was invited to Pierre Pilado’s weekend auction where one of her art pieces got auctioned off for a pricey sum to charity.

During her career, the artist experimented with various media, from watercolor, graphic design, to acrylic paint. You can find her work on Instagram, where she publishes images of her creations and has attracted more than 22,000 followers.

We really enjoyed browsing through her social media, and we believe you will enjoy it too. Scroll down and check out her work below.

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Another commission complited. 😍

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