When Mario Kart Characters Race Heroes From Other Universes

Did you spend hours playing Mario Kart when you were a child? Or maybe you still enjoy playing this popular game, even as an adult? If the answer is yes, then you’re also going to enjoy seeing Linda Bouderbala’s newest illustrations.

This creative artist, who is very fond of geek and pop culture, imagined what would happen if Mario Kart characters raced our favorite heroes from other universes. The result is a series of colorful illustrations that are worth taking a look.

“I’ve been a real fan of Mario Kart since I was a child and used to play it on SNES,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I would love to experiment with a Mario Kart race in real life. But it may prove to be too dangerous! It makes me wonder how funny could it be to see all those MK characters, with their items, in a race against other famous drivers.”

The artist added that this was a perfect opportunity to experiment with a trichromatic effect. This means she used three shades of colors — one for the foreground, one for the background, and the third one for the characters’ items.

You can take a look at her illustrations in the photos below.