These Bloggers Will Help You Be a More Informed Food Travelist

When it comes to traveling, most often than not the most memorable experiences are the ones containing food. A good meal is more than just fuel to the body. It contains the essence of local culture and the best of what a place has to offer.

Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris know best. The married culinary travel professionals run the Food Travelist blog, where they share their experiences one dish at a time. “We like to consume an entire destination when we visit and expect that you do too,” they write on their bio.

“Because we all do more than just eat while we’re traveling, we also explore the culture of destinations, transportation, attractions, accommodations and much, much more,” they note. Indeed, their posts have got you covered from Michelin starred restaurants to street food on a stick and anything in between.

Recent posts take into account the pandemic and its unpleasant effects on travel. But according to the two seasoned travelers and foodies, not all travel has to be far away. “We love exploring what’s closer to home and uncovering hidden gems that are worth sharing,” they write.”We like to cook and entertain and look for ways to share the tastes of travel.”

Their blog also includes recipes and other tips and tricks that will delight both foodies and protentional adventurers.