Kitten Born With Uncoordinated Jaw is Looking For a Home

Animals born with some kind of illnesses or defects usually the ones who don’t find their forever home or are the last ones to get adopted. But in reality, they are as perfect as the ones with no health problems. The same goes for this little furball who has a disproportional face.

Pinocchio is an exceptional kitten who, despite his difficult beginnings, remained cheerful and full of energy. He was a skinny cat with an uncoordinated jaw, full of parasites, and when the rescuers took him in, the white furball struggled with a mild upper respiratory tract infection and had a severe umbilical hernia that needed to be removed.

The problems did not end there. As he grew the cat’s sternum did not develop properly, which made his breathing even harder.

According to Jacqueline DeAmor, the founder of the Friends for Life Rescue Network, Pinocchio has easily won the hearts of his veterinarians.

“He completely won over the entire staff team who took care of him,” DeAmor told Love Meow and added that he purred so loud they couldn’t hear his heartbeat.

He is currently in a foster home where he patiently waits for somebody to love him forever. Check out Pinocchio’s angelic face in the gallery below.