These Ceramic Sculptures Are Anything But Ordinary

Louise Daneels’ ceramic sculptures are good clean fun. Inspired by the banality of everyday life, her art elevates simple objects like toothpaste into an art form. But though her clay sculptures seem ordinary at first, they’re anything but.

“I made a selection of objects that play an important role in my memories and my personal life story,” said Daneels in an interview with Its Nice That. “By being the archaeologist of my own memories, I tried to bring the memories back to life in ceramic sculptures. The work brings up a memory-game of associations and stories.”

“The passion for ceramics came from my grandmother, who makes porcelain dolls,” she went on to explain. “I’ve seen her making them since I was born. I was always fascinated when I entered her workspace and saw all the porcelain heads, bodies and her huge collection of old fabrics.”

Mastering her craft by watching countless tutorials on YouTube, the self-taught ceramic artist is well worth following on Instagram (if nothing else).