These Embroidered Paintings Have an Ethereal Quality to Them

Fiber artist Orly Cogan admits she works intuitively, compiling her artworks from the materials in front of her. “I haven’t actually learned any particular stitch work techniques,” she said in an interview with Textile Artist. “I like to figure it out as I go and see using thread just like I would any other art material.”

“I love mixing various sensibilities within the work – like loose stitches that feel more like a sketch drawing or thick dense areas of threads that become more sculptural, to fine thin layering of the simple running stitch that creates perspective and gives the feeling of familiarity and naiveté. I use crochet and appliqué and paint to bring out more movement within the staccato line work in some pieces.”

Collecting vintage printed fabrics for 20 years, those offer the basis for her embroidery work. “I often start out with the existing fabric as my foundation and then build the story from there, but sometimes I have an idea and then go searching for the right materials, pinning together bits and pieces of fabrics, embroideries and appliqué,” she explained.

Her finished products have an ethereal quality to them which draws from the materials themselves. Enjoy some of her artwork in the gallery below and follow her Instagram page for more.