These Embroidered Portraits Remind us of André Derain Paintings

Fiber artist Sorrell Chrystal Kerrison describes her embroidery techniques as “a bit punk and raw.” “I want to improvise as I go and I love it when accidental mistakes happen, rather than planning every aspect of a piece,” she admitted in an interview with Textile Artist.

The finished product, vibrant, vivid, and full of movement reminds us of André Derain’s Fauvist paintings. Made to look as if it was painted with seemingly wild brushstrokes, Kerrison’s embroideries are anything but ordinary.

And with a small online following, she has managed to catch the attention of no other than musician Andrew Hung and was commissioned to make the cover of his debut solo album Realisationship.

“It was so exciting to see my work printed up on a vinyl cover and suddenly it was everywhere as part of his tour promotional material,” said Kerrison. “I’d walk past a music shop and there would be a giant piece of my work printed out. It was wild and exhilarating!”

Check out some of her Fauvist embroideries in the gallery below.