These Sculptures Seamleseely Blend With Nature

It’s hard to stay indifferent to Amanda Cobbett’s highly realistic sculptures. Made to look like pieces of wood, moss, and mushrooms, they’re displayed in glass cases that serve to highlight their beauty.

And though you might not believe it at first, her sculptures are made of stitch, paper mache, and pyrography. Inspired by nature, Cobbett’s 3-dimensional, papier mache, and machine-embroidered sculptures are created from her studio in the Surrey Hills.

“I have always loved textiles,” she said in an interview Textile Artist. “I was encouraged to sew and make stuff on a machine from a very young age. I also made paper structures, and I have always explored everything with my hands.”

The award-winning textile artist estimates that she machines approximately 130,000 individual stitches a day. Each adds to the realistic nature of her unique and awe-inspiring creations.

Take a look.