These Illustrations Were Inspired by Vintage Children’s Books

Danielle Kroll’s illustrations spark joy in their simplicity. Full with bright colored patterns, adorable looking animals, and cheeky characters, her work – fanciful if a bit naive – evokes childhood memories.

“I’ve always been inspired by vintage children’s books, and mid-century illustrators like Saul Steinberg and Mary Blair,” shared Kroll in an interview with Lonny Magazine. “I also get inspired by ornamental architecture, and luckily there’s plenty of that to find in New York.”

Having studied in Italy, she believes that’s where her love for ornate architecture stems from. “I’ve always loved the past in a despondent sort of way,” she said. “It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite decade because I love them all.” Indeed, her illustrations seem to be detached from time and place, which only adds to their charm.

Amassing more than 40k followers on Instagram, Kroll has worked in various fields that include illustrations for publishing projects, stationery, textile designs, ceramics, product development, and personal paintings. “I think my best ideas come when I’m not expecting them,” she admits.

Here are some highlights from her Instagram page:

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Painting in progress

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