Mélanie Johnsson Will Remind You to Take a Breather

We’ve taken lately to Mélanie Johnsson inspirational quotes and illustrations. The graphic designer, illustrator, and letterer has an emphatic but blunt approach that pulls at our heartstrings. Yes, we realize there’s an inflation of feel-good Instagram feeds, but in the fast pacing world we live in – we need all the motivation we can get.

Inspired by travel, nature, and the cinema, Johnsson works from her home in the UK, located in a beautiful English seaside town. Her location allows her to spend time walking around lost islands, kite surfing, and surfing. She also enjoys waking up early to catch a sunrise.

Johnsson promotes self-love and mindfulness through simple mantras and brightly colored illustrations. Her Instagram page, in other words, is exactly what we need in this day and age. “Moving to the seaside has been really inspiring,” she told MOO. “I love being able to leave home, walk for four minutes, and be by the sea. I feel terribly lucky.”

“I love working from my home studio because I can control my environment,” she went on to say. “I try to keep ‘normal’ hours for work — although I’m more efficient in the morning, so I tend to start work very early and finish early too. I do the work that needs to be done, but I’m not afraid of pausing in the afternoon if I feel like it. That’s what I love about working on your own terms — you’re free to do what you want and work whenever you’re the most inspired.”

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