These Illustrations Will Inspire You to Work from Home

Kim Salt’s illustrations tend to center around home life, presenting snippets of everyday life in vivid colors and celebrating the inner magic of the mundane. These are exactly the kind of homescapes that will inspire you to stay put (and maybe get another houseplant).

Based in New York, some of Salt’s favorite pass times include people watching. “My absolute favorite thing to do is take a sketchbook to a coffee shop and people watch from the window,” she shared with Catapult. And while going out is unadvised and coffee shops are closed, anyhow, these days, there’s plenty of time to do some window watching.

“A typical day entails waking at eight-thirty making coffee or tea and sitting down at my desk to make a list of all the things I need to do throughout the day,” Salt further relayed, explaining the day to day of a full-time illustrator. “Throughout the day, I may take breaks to work out, bug my cat, or tend my houseplants. I usually end my day anywhere between six to eight in the evening, after which I’ll either meet friends, read or watch a film.”

With clients that include top tier publications like the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Time Magazine, as well as brands like Nike and Quartz, you’d want to take note.